Oil leaks don’t just happen at sea. Sometimes, they are much closer to home.

The vast majority of Irish homes use home heating oil as a primary method of keeping warm in chilly weather.  Storing that precious commodity in tanks of metal or plastic close to or underneath our houses.   Unfortunately, accidents can happen. Over time, there can be wear and tear or damage to the tank or pipes which can cause oil leaks resulting in harmful and distressing damage.  At Enviroleak, we have been assisting home and business owners in handling oil leaks, helping them to minimise the damage, ensure an excellent clean up and advise on replacement tanks, insurance claims and preventing problems in the future.  This is what you should know.

How do I know if it the oil tank is leaking?

If you suspect that you, or a neighbours tank is leaking there are a few tell-tale signs. There may be a strong smell of kerosene. Check the bottom of the tank as this is where oil leaks often occur.  Look at the ground around the tank for tell-tale signs of discolouration. If you are still unsure, it is best to get it checked as a slow leak can cause as much damage over time as a large oil leak.

What should I do?

The first and most sensible thing to do is to contact a Specialist Contractor.  It is not recommended that you try to clean up a kerosene leak on your own.  It is an extremely toxic material and professional help is needed.  At Enviroleak we provide a 24 hr Oil Leak helpline with immediate advice and ongoing assistance, and this is the least you might expect from any contractor.  We always aim to stop the leak as a matter of urgency and can advise over the phone on safe ways to do this. Fast action can limit the leak considerably. If a site visit is deemed necessary, our skilled staff will be there as quickly as possible.  The site visit will assess the damage and determine what remedial works may be needed to clean up the leak area.   There may be a chance of securely saving the remaining heating oil in the tank and we can guide you on how to start this process.  We can also advise whether you need to contact your local county council offices or  the Environment Protection Agency, depending on the extent of the leakage and the impact it has had on yourself and others including nearby water sources and wildlife.

Contact your insurance company

A lot of home insurance policies cover damage to the oil tank and the oil itself.  (If your home insurance policy does not currently give you this peace of mind, then it may be time to consider adding it to the agreement.   Let your insurance company know as quickly as possible that there has been an accident, as there may be some help with the remedial costs, replacement tank and oil. 

Relax. We got this!

Whether it's an oil spill in the garden or an oil leak under your house, Enviroleak has a fully trained and qualified team of engineers who can resolve any oil leak.  This may mean excavating soil in the garden to replacing the subsoil and foundations under your home. The important thing is that we can provide total solutions from start to finish, liaise with your insurance assessor and ensure that everything will be resolved and back to normal as quickly and as efficiently as possible.  We can help you to minimise the damage and take the worry out of the clean-up.  Our 24 hour helpline for oil leaks is the first step is repairing the damage and moving forward calmly, professionally and with the best outcome for everyone.