Enviroleak Emergency Oil & Fuel Leak Response service is tried and tested, we service many leaks across the country each year, and we’re retained by many sites to provide urgent assistance.

If you have a home kerosene leak or your home heating oil tank has been damaged or you think maybe your neighbour has a leak thats causing a problem to your site, then please contact us immediately.


We offer a 2 tier response:

  • Advice on the phone We make sure a response is necessary, and help those who are impacted

  • Mobilisation to site  – get the experts on the scene, assess the situation and advise on what to do next and undertake an initial clean-up


Our aim is to limit the leak and limit the impact asap, a quick chat and some immediate advice can result in a big reduction in the size of the leak.  We always keep safety first so we won’t ask you to do anything dangerous.

Feel free to phone us on 015394393, or email us if that’s easier.