24-Hour Spill Response

Enviroleak carry specialist containment equipment designed to plug leaks, contain spills and, if required, completely de-fuel storage containers.


We have developed a practical, bespoke approach to provide fast, effective remediation solutions for pollution spill incidents. We take a site-specific approach.

Site Excavations

On completing a full risk assessment of the oil spill area we can determine if the oil tank and contaminated soil can remain in-place.


Welcome to Enviroleak

Oil Spill Cleanup & Remediation Specialists


Enviroleak offer a comprehensive Oil Spill Cleanup & Remediation Service throughout Ireland. Our 24 hour emergency response team are on hand and ready to mobilise to oil spills nationwide. From domestic to commercial, back yards to construction sites, Enviroleak have managed and deal with numerous Oil Spills across the country every week. Our two tiered response immediately helps mitigate the overall impact of any spill while our team of experts are ready to mobilise as and when necessary. 

Enviroleak regularly work alongside insurers, loss adjusters and construction sites when it comes to site assessments following an oil spill. We provide a range of services from environmental impact surveys to spill assessment and site reinstatement.