Claiming for an oil leak on your home insurance

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Enviroleak are proud to offer a comprehensive oil leak cleanup and remediation service. This means, we have your back at what can be one of the most difficult and upsetting experiences for homeowners. It can also be a very costly time. Home insurance can be a godsend at such times.

Check your policy

The bad news is that most home insurance policies do not automatically cover a new oil tank or accidental kerosene spills.  If you have not made arrangements to include these on your regular policy, it is likely that the costs related to a home heating oil leak will not be covered.  Check with your insurance company and a Public Loss Assessor for advice on whether your policy will give you any assistance with the costs of a spill and the subsequent environmental remediation costs.

A Public Loss Assessor

At Enviroleak out team have a 24-hour emergency helpline providing assistance in the immediate aftermath of a home heating oil spill.  The first steps include advice on the phone to ascertain if a response is needed and to advise on immediate steps. The second stage is mobilization to the site where our expert team assess the situation and take actions to save any precious oil remaining in the tank and provide immediate clear steps for an initial and a long term clean up (if needed). Our professional team are with you as you navigate the aftermath of an accidental spill. Sometimes this can be a fairly quick and relatively easy process and sometimes it can be a more drawn out and expensive process.    If you make a claim through your home insurance, the insurance company will engage a loss adjuster who has their best interest at heart and who will literally ‘adjust’ the claim.  It is recommended that the services of a Loss Assessor be engaged by any homeowner dealing with an insurance claim. The assessor will take a percentage of the final payout for their services but will represent the house holders’ interests and negotiate and advocate for you with the insurance companies’ adjuster.  Enviroleak liaise closely with appointed loss assessors to ensure that accurate reports and site-specific information are provided for any claim on home insurance policies.  This may mean an in-depth environmental survey of the impact of the leak and always takes the immediate and the long-term impact of the leak or spill into account.

Can I make a claim without using a loss assessor?

You might be tempted to negotiate your own insurance claim without the assistance of a loss assessor.  This is not a wise or advisable decision.  The loss assessor brings a wealth of experience, expertise and professional knowledge of the insurance claim process and the current climate, rates etc.  A speedy submission, with all the required documentation, photographs and even industry language will assist you in getting a more successful outcome.  A homeowner is already handling a difficult situation and if the added stress of dealing with a complicated insurance claim can be avoided, it makes complete sense to do so.

If you are unsure whether your home insurance policy provides cover for these important items, oil tank maintenance, a replacement boiler, and the aftermath of an oil spill, then contact your insurance broker or company directly and request an addition to your existing policy.

If you have been unfortunate enough to experience an oil spill, act fast and contact us here at Enviroleak so that we may take steps to minimise the damage immediately and advise on the subsequent actions needed regarding insurance claims and replacement tanks