Leak assessment and Clean-up is a highly technical and time sensitive process.  

The impact from leaks often increases over time as the leaked product moves through the soils and/or groundwater, therefore the sooner it’s addressed, the less impact caused and the cheaper the process.

Enviroleaks site assessment and clean-up services are used by insurers, loss adjuster and construction sites across Ireland.

Our services include:

  • In-depth environmental survey of leak impact with risk identification
  • Complete project management from leak assessment to site re-instatement
  • Remediation of contaminated soils, waters and structures
  • Bespoke reporting and validation. We provide all the technical information necessary to demonstrate that the all risks from the leak have been dealt with during our works.

Why Choose us?

We’ve produced reports to major Irish loss Adjusters and Insurers, satisfying them that our works have been successfully carried out and are in line with current legislation.

If you’ve just had a leak feel free to phone us for advice on 01 539 4393

If you want to protect your site from potential future leaks then we’ll gladly add you to our ‘Serviced Sites’ list which includes site locations and identified site liabilities (e.g. fuel bowsers) and receptors (e.g. drains) to ensure we turn up quickly and with the right equipment should the worst happen.